National Federation of Small Business Associations Natilnal Federation of Small Business Associations


  • Title : National Federation of Small Business Associations
  • Date of Establishment : April 10,1956
  • Legal Basis : Law on Cooperatives of Small and Medium Enterprises,etc.
  • Members:
    • (a) Prefectural Federations of Small Business Associations
    • (b) Federations or Nationwide cooperatives Associations
    • (c) Federations or Nationwide Trade Associations
    • (d) Others
  • Regular staff :
    • Directors (2)
    • Employees (41)

At present in Japan there are approximately 4.3 million enterprises, of which 99.7% is accounted for by small and medium enterprises. Compared with large enterprises, these small and medium enterprises generally have lower resources and are therefore slow in modernizing and rationalizing their management, the combination putting them at a disadvantage where productivity, credit standing and business transactions are concerned.

As a means to help them overcome their handicaps in management and compete on an equal footing with large enterprises in the spirit of mutual cooperation, the establishment of cooperatives has proved effective. National Federation of Small Business Associations helps organize various cooperatives, represents their interests, and promotes the development of these cooperatives.

There are forty-seven associations(one for each prefecture), with the National Federation of Small Business Associations at the top, providing various kinds of guidance to cooperatives and serving in a liaison capacity. Activities of associations are wide-ranging. They extend guidance to each cooperative through visits by about a thousand guidance officers stationed around the nation. They also conduct study and training sessions, seminars and conventions, plus the publication of newsletters. Also, in response to advice from the Government and other entities, they prepare diverse plans for small business promotion and implement them by making various proposals and petitions to the legislature, and airing grievances. These projects contribute to the strength and expansion of small and medium enterprises.

National Federation of Small Business Associations in particular, since its establishment in 1956, has operated on its own initiative and under the guidance of he National Government, and has played a vital role in promoting and implementing measures for Small Business on a nationwide scale. It also grasps the activities of small business cooperatives and acts as a pivotal means of communication between the small business associations of each prefecture and various cooperatives.

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